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Sun from the plane

Sun from the plane

When my mother died I decided to carry on the tradition that she started of taking a trip with each of her grandchildren. I took the first grandson C on a Bus trip to Ireland (I have not finished writing up this trip yet because the photos got all mixed up on my computer). The second grandson - D - did a Mediteranean Cruise. Which is mostly finished. This trip was the first one with a granddaughter - B- who is the sister of the grandson who went with me to Ireland. Originally I wanted to do a Mediterranian cruise with her like I had done with her cousin, because I thought since she is Catholic that she would like to visit the Vatican. But I decided that the Med in the summer would be too hot for me so I booked the Baltic instead.

I booked the cruise itself on our cruise through the Panama Canal and down to Peru in the fall of 2008 (which made it cheaper) but the cruise ship company completely screwed up the reservation so that took some time to straighten out. I booked the tours in advance, including booking with a private tour company in Russia.

The projected schedule (which was not always followed) was this

Dates Places and numbers

9 June leaving from Dulles at 1715 going to Copenhagen on SAS flight # 926 arriving at 0715 am the next morning. We intend to leave for the airport about noon. We have assigned seats

10 June - Saga Hotel for 2 nights. They have free internet so I will be checking in
(+45)33 244 944
Saga Hotel

Saga Hotel

It is supposed to rain on the 10th and be good weather on the 11th.

12 June - embark on the Rotterdam. I will be checking in via the internet, but in an extreme emergency you can get ahold of us (keeping in mind that it will cost $16.00/minute) by phoning the ship. You will need our name and stateroom number, and you know our names, but we don't have our stateroom number yet.
Granddaughter B on board

Granddaughter B on board

1-866 HAL-SHIP (1-966-425-7447)
Have a credit card ready
Listen to announcement
Select the number that corresponds to the ship (in our case the number is 6 for the Rotterdam)
If you get a busy signal or message, hang up quickly and try again.

It will be much cheaper just to email. I will buy an internet package, so will be doing email.

13 June - at sea - Meet and Greet of Cruise board scheduled at 10:30

14 June - Tallin Estonia - no tour booked

15 - 16 June - St. Petersburg. Booked a tour with Alla Tours
+7 911 932 66 33

Night June 15th - ships's excursion to the ballet at 1900

17 June - Helsinki - ship excursion
Helsinki Highlights & Country Home Visit

18 June - Stockholm - ship excursions (2)
Vikings & the Gold Room and
Waterways of Stockholm

19 June - at sea

20 June - Berlin ship excursion which is 0600 to 2300
Explore Berlin & Potsdam by River Cruise and Coach

21 June - Århus Denmark - ship excursion 1230 to 1530
Århus Highlights

22 June - Oslo - ship excursion
Viking Ship Museum & Hadeland Glassworks

23 June - at sea

24 June - dock at Rotterdam. Hope to see the windmills of Kinderdijk
Meeting two folks from Virtual Tourist and going out to dinner with

Hotel - Golden Tulip
Leuvehaven 80, ROTTERDAM - +31 10 4134139
Free wireless Internet throughout the hotel

25 June - taking train to Amsterdam, but have not gotten the tickets yet

25-26 June Hotel - Golden Tulip Amsterdam Centre-free wireless internet
Nieuwezijds Kolk 19 - 1012 PV - Amsterdam - +31 (0)20 5301818
Golden Tulip

Golden Tulip

27 June - fly back to Copenhagen
SAS flight 1550 depart 1800 arrive 1920
I have been unable to figure out how to call SAS and confirm, so I guess I will have to do it on the internet

Hotel Kastrup Hilton at Copenhagen airport
Ellehammersvej 20, Copenhagen, Denmark 2770
Tel: 45-32-501-501 wireless internet access
directly connected to Terminal 3 by a covered walkway

28 June fly back to Dulles - SAS fight 925
leave 1220 arrive Dulles 1500.



Getting to this point was extremely labor intensive. Just for the air tickets for instance it took me three months.

I wanted to fly non-stop to Copenhagen. On 5 January 2009, I wrote my travel agent that I had been trying to figure out how I could get from the US to Copenhagen and back. It seems excessively expensive, so I am wondering if I need to use Cruise ship air. But I've heard how impoosibly difficult those flights are in regard to time and connections.

I am in southern Maryland about equi-distant from DCA and BWI and B is near Charleston SC. I don't want to go through Chicago or EWR or Atlanta. I really don't like United or Delta. There is a direct SAS flight from IAD to Copenhagen (IAD (Dulles) is more of a pain to get to for us than BWI but we can do it) that looks good but it costs over $1K each.

B's last day of school is June 7th, so I thought if we left on June 9th and arrived on the 10th that would give us time to decompress and de-jet-lag before we boarded the cruise on the 12th. I was thinking of going to Tivoli Gardens and possibly taking a little bus tour - seeing the little mermaid etc.

Getting home again is more of a problem. If I have to do a connecting flight (which it seems I will have to do), again I don't want to connect through EWR or Chicago or Atlanta.

I wouldn't mind getting off the ship and spending a day or so in Amsterdam, and then connecting through/spending a couple of days in London (LHR) or Paris or Lisbon or Frankfurt or Rome or just about anywhere in Europe or even Toronto before flying back to BWI or IAD or DCA or Charleston or even Miami.

17 January 2009
I have been completely unable to find any plane tickets at less than about $5K for the two of us. So I thought cruise air would be an option. The person I talked to (Angie) said cruise air would be $1929.00 per person. That's more expensive than the price for the whole cruise but it is better than anything I could find.

She also said the hotel in Copenhagen would be the Radisson Scandia for $1086/night,


and that if I booked that, I would not have to pay the $75.00 deviation fee. I said if I couldn't find anything cheaper than that I'd be surprised and the $75 deviation fee wouldn't matter. The hotel in Rotterdam would be the Westin for $830/night.

Someone on Cruise Critics said that she thought all the hotels in Copenhagen were booked for those dates by a convention. So I went to look, and some of the hotels have space Weds and not Thurs, and some just have no space, but there are still rooms.

My travel agent answered: "I agree with you, Air should not be that expensive and what these Cruise Lines charge people for their Hotel Packages is a Sin of the first Magnitude." He was able to get us a hotel room

Finally on 3 March 2009 I told my TA that I had booked:
SAS Flight 926 from Dulles to Copenhagen leaving on 9 June at 5:15 and arriving on 10 June in the morning at 7:15 am. $574.00 each round trip and we get meals, but the taxes and fees are $311 each.

When I went to book the connecting flight from Amsterdam to Copenhagen, I found that the flight I thought left at 8 am left at 8 pm and the earlier flights were much more expensive. So I booked SAS flight 1550 which leaves Amsterdam June 27th at 6 pm and arrives in Copenhagen at 7:20 pm on the 27th. The flight itself is only $48 each but the taxes and fees are $70+

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